Customer Loyalty Enhancement Service
QR-menu, reviews, and cashless tips via your phone web browser
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we will provide you with QR table-tents for free
we will prepare and set it all up at your venue
we will hold a training for your staff
we will be there for you 24/7
What we offer
Ratings: prompt feedback from your guests
96% per cent of unsatisfied customers won't give you feedback, and 91% simply won't return to your spot. AYVA allows you to easily collect reviews and instantly notify your manager of the negative ones.
Digital menu allows you to spend less time on maintenance. User-friendly and attractive interface contributes to the increase in your average check. All this enables to boost revenue by 15-20%.
Cashless tips for your staff and particular team member
Often, guests do not have cash on them to tip - AYVA enables cashless tipping from the comfort of your guest’s browser. This will help to lead to staff income increase by up to 35%.
How does the service work?
QR code can be printed on a card, sticker, table-tent, or a receipt. Design is chosen to match every partner uniquely.
Customer easily scans the QR code using their smartphone as there is no need to download an application.
Once the QR-code is scanned your guest is directed to a web page where they can view the menu, give service feedback, and tip.
Through the manager's account, you will be able to access the database of tips, comments, as well as personal contact details of the customer.
No tax fee, no admission fee. We also prepare printing materials for you. No commission from tips received.
Just leave a request for our manager to contact you to set the meeting with you.
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